3 Nagging Questions

I like watching animals. Some are so majestic and powerful. Others are weird and intriguing. The ones I like most are the ones that I can give human attributes to. Have you ever put “word bubbles” over your dog’s head? Some of you have gone beyond that to creating actual two-way conversations between you and your pet. You know, you even have a voice that sounds like what you imagine his voice would be like.

We like to think that animals can relate to us on a level beyond critter and master. But there is something different about us. Somewhere, I came up with a list of questions that nag us as humans. These are the questions we must each find answers for, if we’re going to live a life of security and confidence.

1. Where am I? This is a question about our place in the universe. Where am I, in relation to everything else? Am I at the top, or the bottom? Am I the same as my dog, or essentially different? Where am I in my family, in my community, in my world? How do I fit?

A second question is,
2. Why am I here? This is a question about purpose. What is this all for? Am I part of a cosmic accident? Am I part of a divine experiment? Am I part of a purposeful plan? And what part do I play?

The third question is,
3. What time is it? This is question is just as important. Where are we in the plan? Where am I on my roadmap? We know from experience that our trip here is finite. There will be an end – what time is it on our trip?

In Jesus, I have found answers that help me get up each day and make sense of the world around me. I am part of creation, but as a human, I am the pinnacle. With that I have a unique responsibility and opportunity. I have a purpose: to bring glory to God, my creator and redeemer. And I know the time: it is time to be ready for the consummation of the plan.

Seems to me, the monkeys I saw on Survivor last night weren’t asking these questions.  That makes us different!

How do you answer these questions? How does your understanding of God inform your answers? How do you respond to others who are living without answers?

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