Oh the Glory of God
This morning, I began my walk (a new habit I’m trying to form) by heading out West. As I was walking I looked up into the Western sky and it was a beautiful blue. You know that crisp color that hints of a Fall day. In the middle of the sky, I saw what looked like a full moon. It was big, round, almost proud of its display. Because daylight had begun to break, it was fading. But as I looked, I could see details of the moon. I could see shadows and shapes and it was a great vision to keep me entertained while I walked.

But then, at about the half-way mark in my walk, I began walking East toward home. And I looked up… staring at me, glaring at me was the Sun. It was huge, coming up over the horizon. It was a blazing orange, pushing through the haze of the morning sky. I could glance at it, but couldn’t really look at it. And then it hit me…

I could enjoy the comforting beauty of the moon. Because it’s light was a mere reflection. It was the Sun that was the true source of light. But the Sun was just too much to behold. I could enjoy it’s benefits, but couldn’t comprehend the fullness of its majesty.

When we look around at the world we live in, we see many good and wonderful things. But they are a mere reflection of the glory of God. God’s glory is so great, so powerful, so full that there is no way we could comprehend it. God gave us creation, relationships, purpose and power to enjoy, but they are only a reflection of His greatness. Remember the last time you experienced a genuine act of love? It is only a taste, a reflection of the great, glorious love of God. Remember the last thing you saw that took your breath away? It is only a reflection of God’s glorious majesty.

We use the phrase “tip of the iceberg.” But what we know and experience of God is only an ice crystal on the tip of an iceberg. His goodness, his love, his knowledge, his power, his holiness, his grace and mercy are greater than what we could ever comprehend.

Scripture hints of that, when God showed himself to Moses. In Exodus 33:20-23, God’s glory was shown to Moses. But Moses had to hide from it because no one could look at God and live. So Moses could only look at God’s “back”, not his “face.”

How often we think we are living for the reflections of God we can see, when there is so much more to live for. This reminds me today, that I’m living for something much bigger than I have ever experienced, seen or imagined. I am living for the glory of God. It is no small thing!

How do you imagine the glory of God?  How does it motivate you each day? Please comment… would love to interact with you.