This weekend, we had to say “good-bye” to our congregation of over 12 years.  And they did a fantastic job and left us with memories that will last us a lifetime.   But good-byes are hard and sometimes we would rather skip over them and just move on.  But good-byes are important, especially in the community of the church.

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1.  Good-byes help us face the reality of change.  Change is hard, but it is good and necessary.

2.  Good-byes help cement the good memories deep within us.  Memories of good times and God’s grace give us strength for the future.

3.  Good-byes remind us of the active love and grace of God.  At times we work and work and never notice all that God has done.  But these good-byes remind us that God is active in the nitty-gritty of everyday service.

4.  Good-byes remind us of what’s valuable.  People, time, sacrifice are what makes an impact.  Good-byes bring all those things to the surface and encourage us to do it all again in our new setting with new people.

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So while it may be hard, take time to say “good-bye” when you’re making a change.  Even if not all the memories are good, a good-bye helps settle the past as we move on to the future.

Thanks to Village Green for a very good “Good-bye.”  We cherish you and the time we’ve spent together.  We affirm that God has worked and we look forward to him working again in our lives and in yours.

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Here is a link to that wonderful service:  Farewell Worship Service @ Village Green