Of God, Frogs and CBS Bob Schieffer

“I have seen a few, but I’ve run out of ways to say I’ve never seen one like this. It’s as if the nation is enduring some kind of curse,” Bob Schieffer said on the CBS Evening News Monday. “What should we expect next – that it will rain frogs? I wouldn’t bet against it.”

Bob, I wouldn’t bet against it either.  Like the leaders of Egypt, we should probably ready ourselves for the arrival of our amphibious guests.


  • Frogs come when God tells people to do something and they don’t do it.
  • Frogs come when leaders are corrupt and oppress the people under their charge.
  • Frogs come when the people of God no longer have an impact, shaped by righteousness.
  • Frogs come when the people have no memory of their need for God’s favor.
  • Frogs aren’t the end.  There were 8 more plagues after frogs.

Bob, that seems to pretty much sum up where we are as a people.  So, yes Bob, it seems we are ripe for the chorus of “ribbits and croaks.”  And thank you Bob, for the Scriptural allusion (Exodus 8:1-18) that most have long forgotten.

As always, I appreciate your reading, liking, commenting and sharing.

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