I loved these words I read from St. Ambrose (378 AD), when writing of the divinity of Christ.

“In one God did the Magi believe, and they brought, in adoration, gold, frankincense, and myrrh to Christ’s cradle, confessing, by the gift of gold, His royalty, and with the incense worshipping Him as God.  for gold is the sign of the kingdom, incense of God, myrrh of burial.

“What, then, was the meaning of the mystic offerings in the lowly cattle-stalls, save that we should discern in Christ the difference between the Godhead and the flesh?  He is seen as man, [Philippians 2:7] He is adored as Lord.  He lies in swaddling-clothes, but shines amid the stars; the cradle shows His birth, the stars His dominion; it is the flesh that is wrapped in clothes, the Godhead that receives the ministry of angels.  Thus the dignity of His natural majesty is not lost, and His true assumption of the flesh is proved.”

He is God who came.

Lord, Creator, God of the universe, you have come!  Do not let the noise in my world, nor in my mind, keep me from hearing the praises of the heavenly hosts.  Do not let the man-made lights dilute the brightness of the star that proclaims your presence.  Do not let my plans for celebration over shadow your plans for the redemption of humanity, nor your plans for my next hour.

Bless You, my God.  Amen and Amen.