Big Promises, Small Promises

The card I got for Kris for Valentine’s Day fit so well. On the front of the card was a picture of a plate of French fries and it said, “My Heart… My Life… and one, maybe two of my French fries” and then on the inside it finished, “… all yours.”

It is so much easier to pledge your heart and your life, than it is to give away your French fries (okay, I’m a French fry fanatic). But the truth is, it is easier to make big promises than it is to make small, practical ones. Think about our marriage vows, “love, honor, cherish, yada, yada, yada” versus “turn the TV off and listen to her.” Or, “would I take a bullet for my wife?” Of course I would! But wash the dishes tonigh? Uhm… we’ll see.

Peter had that same problem. Remember when he pledged to die with Jesus if need be, but 9 hours later, when asked if he knew Jesus, he blurted out 3 denials?

When I live each day, I need to remember that big decisions are often made of a series of small decisions. It is the small decisions that make the big ones possible. I think, in the same way, big promises are kept as small promises are lived out.

I will give Christ my life, if I give him my attention, my service, my love and loyalty today. I can’t really give him my all, if I’m withholding my French fries. I guess what I’m thinking is… faith and life are lived in the giving away of French fries, not the big grandiose promises we make.

Would you like fries with that?
Promises, promises


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