I’ve been studying through some leadership material with a couple of men each Tuesday morning. We’ve been at it for some time and there are times when something is powerfully impressed on me.

This morning, we were talking about “being captivated by Christ” and “being on a lifelong journey of learning from Jesus.” The lesson reminded us of the power, beauty and perfection of Jesus. He is a source of fear and fascination. It also reminded us that this journey of being changed by the captivating Christ is the apprenticeship of a lifetime. The phrase that came to my mind was “I am not satisfied, but I am finding satisfaction.”

To me, that sums up the journey of walking with Jesus. I am not satisfied. I see many areas where spiritual growth, change and transformation are necessary. Boy, God isn’t done with me and I’m glad! You don’t have to look at me very closely to see things that don’t align with the character of Christ. And I know that is His desire. I am not satisfied with what I know of Jesus. I am not satisfied with my level of obedience. I am not satisfied with my faithfulness, or consistency. There is so much room to grow!

Yet, in the process I am finding satisfaction. Jesus fills me full. He meets every need. He reminds me of His presence, power and love. He meets me where I am and loves me to the full. I find satisfaction in my service of the Kingdom. I know that God is using my best and worst efforts. I find satisfaction in my relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ – I appreciate what they bring to my life. I find great satisfaction in my family, over miles and time, God shares His grace with me through them.

I guess this is the journey we’re invited to. We are never satisfied, because if we are satisfied, we tend to enter spiritual lethargy. But we find satisfaction in the process! God is moving, providing, leading, protecting, securing and loving all along the way.

What, in your spiritual growth, are dissatisfied with? Does that motivate you or discourage you? Where are finding satisfaction? How can you find greater satisfaction in Jesus?