What will Jesus and I talk about?

Have you ever wondered what you will talk about with Jesus, when you see Him?  I think a lot of us have questions we think we’d like answered.  Some of us may feel like we’ll be at a complete loss for words.

Tonight as I sat, thinking about my prayer life and my relationship with God while alone at dinner, this thought came to my mind.  “I hope that when I get to heaven my conversation with God will be a continuation of what my conversation with him is now.  If when I see him, he sees the need to change the subject, I fear I would have been talking to him about the wrong things in the here and now.”

What’s in my heart is that, I want to be in such union with him now, that when I am with him, it is just the next step in our journey together.  Oh, I foresee a glorious, enlightened and transformational step, but a next step, nonetheless.

What do you think?  What do you two converse about now?  Will it be the same?  Why, or why not?



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