I love the phrase “warp and woof.” It sound kind of comical. And I’ve heard it used at times when I’m not sure if the person really knew what it meant. But it is very descriptive.

Warp and Woof come from the art of weaving cloth. To make cloth you have to have threads that run in two different directions. The warp thread is the thread that is lined up on the loom vertically. The second essential thread is the “woof” thread. The woof is the thread that is woven horizontally first in then out, around the warp threads. Together they create cloth. Without the warp or woof, there is only a pile of strings. And we know that would keep no one covered.

Last week at church, we talked about the Word of God and the role of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit “inspired” the text. And He illumines our minds to grasp the text and make its life-changing power available to us. As I thought about this dynamic relationship between the written Word and the Spirit, the phrase “warp and woof” kept running through my mind.

The words are the warp thread. They are given as a foundation. They are secured in the loom of truth. The Spirit of God is the woof thread. He weaves in and out of Scripture, giving it life and power. As we interact with the Word of God, we are directly interacting with the Spirit of God. The Word of God is alive because of His living, active, interwoven involvement with it.

As you read the Word and submit yourself to the leadership of the Word, you will discover that it is a warm, secure covering for your soul. Take a moment, listen to the Word of God and the Spirit of God will weave his presence and power through those words. That is why this book is different.