When does God become real? At 13,500 feet when the plane door opens!

Of course!

This last Saturday, I had the thrill of jumping out of an airplane in honor of my son’s 18th birthday (he jumped too!).  As the door opened I realized again, God was all I had.  Now, of course there was equipment and there was Rich, the instructor strapped to my back.  But in the end, all I had was God.

Job states it in even stronger terms.  In the midst of his trials he wants to stand before God and make his case.  He is hurting and in the pain he says, “God might kill me, but I have no other hope (Job 13:15).”  Everything else was stripped away.  He said, “I don’t know how this is all going to work out, but God’s love and justice is my only hope.  I will cling to that!”

This is when God becomes real.  When you’re in an impossible situation.  And you may even feel like God has been distant.  But you realize, He is your only hope!  That is the beginning of a breakthrough.  Because at that point your face is turned toward Him.  He can lead, provide, direct, empower and sustain you.  And that is where you will find your joy.

My jump was a test I chose a long time ago.  But in it, once again God became real to me.  I knew in the end He was my only hope.  I wonder if I can live with that same intensity and awareness today?  What about you?

the big jump