Why does no one really understand your pain?

Where does suffering come from?

How is God involved in your hardships?

Why doesn’t He just end all suffering?

How does my suffering relate to Christ’s suffering?

If you are looking for a new, hopeful path through tough times, I invite you to join me on the path I’ve traveled the past several years.  God has truly redeemed my hardships and made them good.  I believe He wants you to know the same hope.

I invite you to check out my book, “Transformed Pain, How God Makes It Good.”

Transformed_Pain_Cover_for_Kindle(Note: the picture I took at Engedi.  This is the place where David hid from a pursuing King Saul).

A couple of early reviewers have already graciously given their comments.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 5.33.06 AM

My prayer is that this book encourages a deeper trust and intimacy with Christ as you go through tough times.

All your comments, shares and likes are appreciated!