Are you struggling?  Are you being tested?  Are you looking for a way to understand and process all the pain that happens in your life and in our world?  I’ve been there and still go there from time to time.  Transformed Pain is about how God has led me through personal pain.  I invite you to check it out.  It’s available in paperback and on Kindle.

Some quotes from the book.

“God created all things with the full knowledge that we would choose a path of resistance and independence.  Because of love, He responded to the need with the plan that He had put in place for our rescue.  This is the God who meets us in our suffering with a unique and transformative plan.” p. 57

“In Christ, my suffering has been transformed.  It is the death of Christ and my response of faith that changes the very nature of the struggles I face.  When I suffer, I don’t suffer as a victim of the created order, I suffer as a participant in the work of redemption.” p. 76

“Pride keeps us in slavery to our circumstances. We are controlled by what’s happening to us because it’s happening to us.  Humility frees us from that control. This freedom gives us the ability to see the good of what we’re going through with God.  Humility frees us to surrender our will to the will of our Father.” p. 103

“I have gained a new perspective on God, His grace, His ways and His purposes.  I have new faith in His power to transform what is evil into what is good.  I have new confidence that His goodness can reshape what is ugly into something that is beautiful.  I have a new hope that He is writing a story with my life that is worth reading.” p. 121

I’ve received comments by a few who have been encouraged by the book.

From Amazon…
“This is a good book that challenged me to look at suffering in new ways. Some of the author’s comments on suffering caused me to stop and say, “why on earth had I not looked at it in that way before?” He writes from personal experience, and uses scripture throughout the book. It is easy to read, straightforward and practical for the everyday person.”

“I love the fact that this book is written very practically. By that I mean that it is not written from pie in the sky theory and with platitudes but from real life and real experience all with a strong base in true faith. It also helps that you want to hear the rest of the story and that keeps you turning the pages. Engaging, full of truth, and applicable to more of life than I have room to mention. I just purchased extra copies for some good friends of mine.”

“When I read Jim’s book, I found it to be a personal, humble, practical, and helpful perspective on suffering. This is not a sermon series put into book form. Jim’s observations are not just gleaned from Bible study. Rather they flow from his own experience with suffering as he has wrestled with God in prayer and in reflection on the Scriptures. This book will be an encouragement to all who read it.”

“In Acts chapter 9, after Sauls conversion the Lord said ” I will show him how much he must suffer for my name.” There are hundreds of books written on this topic and none better than this one. It is written for us “ordinary” Christians who need a working knowledge of this subject. Everyone suffers but God works through this channel to get our attention and cause us to look up. This book gives us insight on how God makes it good as only He can do. As servants of the Lord we need to be ready to help those who are suffering. This book inspired me to do just that.”

And from a local pastor by email…
“Sooner or later we all have to come to terms with personal suffering. Transformed Pain will enable you to see your own pain in a whole new light. The fruit of a wise and seasoned pastor’s journey with chronic illness, Jim’s book unlocks the secret to finding joy despite the unanswered questions.”  

…if you’ve read it, what did you think?  What has God taught /is God teaching you in your painful times?

*NOTE:  A few of you have received copies where all the edits hadn’t been done (another one of my challenges).  I apologize.  If you’re one of those and want a “fixed” copy, please email me and we’ll get you one.