1) When you have a Savior who has transformed death into life, what could possibly be outside his scope?
2) When you have a Savior who stands risen and righteous, what greater purpose could there be?
3) When you have a Savior who is alive after a crucifixion, who else would you follow?
4) When you have a Savior who rose and conquered his enemies – including Satan – what would we possibly be afraid of?

Then why are we so lethargic? Why are we so timid? Why are we so uncommitted to Christ? We forget the impact His resurrection makes. We turn Him into a Sunday School character and the empty tomb becomes a stage prop. We talk about nice things like hope.

But we don’t come face to face with a Savior who changes everything! He stood in front of scared, tired, depressed men and women and said, “Here I am!” “Join me.” “Let me deliver you to a new life.”

The answers to the questions above are evident, aren’t they?
1) Nothing – in Him every area of my life has hope.
2) None – He is worth my worship and devotion.
3) No one – He can tell me what to do, and I’ll do it to share in His work.
4) Absolutely nothing – There are those who can kill the body, but He gives life to body and soul.

If Jesus Christ is raised, what else would I live for? Who else would I live for?