Life Part 2

Just 2 weeks ago I experienced one of those life-changing experiences.  It was an unexpected double-bypass surgery.  when I rehearse with family and friends, I see the hand of God’s protection involved all the way along.  On that Friday morning, I went from chest pain to surgery in about 5 hours.  

After a couple of weeks, I’m trying to process what happened and what are some things I’m learning.  Here are a few that go beyond health issues to any time God may be trying to lead us to another place.

1.  Listen to circumstances going on and don’t believe you’re bigger than they are.  I had some discomfort for a couple of weeks.  But I was trying to will it away.  Sometimes God gives us clues, but we’re not listening.  Or we think we will just overcome it somehow.  Be aware of what is going on around you or in you. We often set our agendas with blinders on.  We decide, I’m doing this or that, and we ignore the big important stuff happening around us.

2.  Trust others and let them  lead you.  I had to accept the leadership of others I didn’t know.  There were doctors that Friday who knew what my only options were.  It wasn’t a time to argue or debate.  There have been nurses and caregivers who have coached me in the process of healing.  In whatever circumstances we face, there are people who have been there.  There are often resources of wisdom and direction, if we will learn to follow.

3.  Accept love and support from those in your community.  Whenever we are going through testing or travails, our tendency is often to go it alone.  We isolate ourselves until we have it all together.  Crisis is a time to share and let others help carry our burdens.  We can’t be embarrassed abut our need.  That is why God has given us a community of faith called the church.  And mine has been the best.  Village Green has come alongside and walked with our family through this tough time.

I’m grateful that God has given me a part 2 to my life.  And I’m excited to learn and grow to become more of the man he intends me to be.  And I am grateful to everyone who is part of the journey.