I don’t often upload sermons, but I received many encouraging comments about this one from Sunday.

It is a message about the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.

“You don’t know a Mom, if you don’t know the depth of her sacrifice for her children. If you haven’t seen a Mom sit by the hospital bed of her baby, if you haven’t seen her spend sleepless night after night sitting in a chair because that baby can’t sleep, if you haven’t seen her work a job, keep a home, do 4 loads of laundry a day year after year, you don’t know her. You can’t relate to her until you see that her life is lived for a purpose greater than herself. You don’t know a vet, if you don’t grasp the sacrifice they’ve made for their country. If you don’t see the young adulthood lost, the missing limbs, the emotional scars, the fractured relationships, you don’t know a vet. You don’t know a firefighter unless you know the selflessness that compels them to walk into flames for the safety of another. If you don’t see the anxiety they sleep with at the station waiting for the next call, or you don’t see the haunting images of memorials in honor of brothers who have died doing what he has promised to do, you don’t know a firefighter. And you don’t know Jesus, unless you know the cross.”

When we embrace the cross, we embrace the Christ!

The Sacrificial One – Jn. 12.20-36