This morning my wife and I read Numbers 16. It’s not a real motivational chapter until you look beneath the surface. I think this is a chapter of Scripture that demonstrates the power of a shepherd’s heart.

Moses trusted God with his defense. Moses always asked for mercy and grace for God’s people.

In ministry it is easy to get defensive. Most of the time, we really do believe we are doing what God wants us to do. But a true shepherd’s heart knows that there is a Chief Shepherd. Ultimately, this is His cause and His call. We must leave any defense to God, even when unjustly criticized.

In ministry it is easy to want God to strike back for us. But if God destroys his people, he destroys his work. We must always have a heart to ask God for mercy and grace for his people. We will be more apt to do that, if we ask for mercy and grace for ourselves too.

To me, this is what humble leadership looks like. May each of us in leadership have the heart of a shepherd.