These are few lines that filled my heart as I prepared for my sermon “Christ, Our King.” It’s part of a series entitled, “Christ, Our Everything.”
You can listen here.

A throne too big
Filling it with boastful proclamations
Striving, pursuing, conquering
Reigning my life, me, king

Marching for independence
Revolution after revolution
Winning and not victorious
Enslaved in freedom’s promise

King upon king embattled
For pride’s sole claim
Warring never ending
Peace forgotten

Parade of humble power
Weapons of mercy and righteousness
Majestic, good, a King
Another king and kingdom

On clouds of glory in each heart
Subduing kings and kingdoms
Rule and reign the world, me
A throne now filled with His glory

I hope these encourage you to reflect on what we have in Christ as our King. And that it will move you, this Christmas season to move deeper into what it means to follow Him.

What does it mean to you, for Christ to be King?