the Voice I know

These are thoughts running through my mind.  After experiencing some rich fellowship with Christ during my sabbatical, I long to live in that fellowship in the movements of my everyday life.  These words express my desire and my heart for staying close.  It seems harder now, but may it be so.

moving forward and waiting for the familiar
the voice
a whisper of grace
a note of joy
the voice I know

strength pushing out panic and hurry
the voice
a shout of warning
a call to return
the voice I know

hear it again in the noise
the voice 
stories of hope
an invitation to join
the voice I know

here it is in Him
the voice
my shepherd of grace
my lamb of sacrifice
the voice I know

cling to His side
the voice
push away other voices
listening to him alone
the Jesus I know

My God and my Lord. You are the Good Shepherd. As You spoke to Abraham in the promises of the covenant and spoke to David in the caves of hiding, speak to me. I ask, my God, that I may hear your voice in my day. I pray that I will hear your words of comfort and direction. May I hear the voice that led the Israelites across the Jordan and spoke words of healing to the broken. May I hear the voice that prayed in the whisper, “Not my will, but Thine be done.” May it be the voice that told the disciples to go and make more of their kind in all nations. Lord, let me hear that voice. It is the voice I know. I trust that voice. You are the One I know. I trust You.

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