Some will say this is not my fight because I’m not from the South. But as I’ve watched the news in the past few days, I think all Christians need to put our cultural and even our patriotic commitments behind our Christian commitments.

When I listen to people argue for the flying of the Confederate flag, I am struck with a huge contrast. Let’s compare the gracious examples of those Christian family members whose loved ones were murdered this week, because of the color of their skin, with the messages communicated through the Confederate flag.

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There may have been many reasons the civil war was fought. Yet this flag is a symbol that carries with it the resentment of defeat and the bitterness of lost power. It’s time for us to take a cue from these Christians who have shown us the character of Christ and remove the flag from government grounds which are also supposed to represent those who gained their freedom because the war was lost.

In most instances, none of us can really say what Jesus would do. I’m not sure he would fly any flag. But I think the time is passed for us to fly this old symbol and instead we should opt for humility, submission, care of the other, mercy, love and forgiveness. This is the Christian commitment that will show the world another way.

After I wrote this, I saw that the Governor of South Carolina agrees.