I was having a fitful night and often when I do, I have some pretty powerful dreams.  Sometimes they make no sense at all.  Many make me wonder what must be rattling around inside my head?  Occasionally one makes me think.

In this particular dream I was in trouble.  I couldn’t really tell what was going on, or why.  My body felt numb – it seemed I had my motorcycle helmet on.  I couldn’t really see, but it there were a couple of people standing over me and I realized that they were beating me.  It all happened in an instant.

The clearest part of the dream was a final imaginary blow.  It sent what felt like a shock-wave through my body.  And in that moment, I said clearly in my head, “Jesus, save me.”  Instantly I was awake.  I didn’t open my eyes, but I was aware I had a dream.  And those final words, “Jesus, save me,” were still echoing in my head.

I wondered if I was dreaming about my ultimate demise.  And I actually found comfort that in my last moment, if that’s what it was, I cried out those words, “Jesus, save me!”  It told me that He is where my faith is.

As I laid there thinking about those words, I came to the realization that this isn’t just an appropriate request for the end of life.  Nor does it only point to that time when I first confessed Jesus as Lord.  But “Jesus, save me” should be the cry of our hearts daily.

In that famous prayer Jesus taught us to pray, he said we should pray, “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil (Matthew 6:13).”  This prayer for deliverance could also be prayed, “Jesus, save us” from evil.  Save me today.  Save me from the anger and bitterness around me.  Save me from the attacks of the evil one.  Save me from the sin that resides in me.  Save me from the thoughts, patterns, habits, and priorities that seek to derail my faith and my experience of real life.

You see, “Jesus, save me” isn’t a prayer for the end of life, but it is a prayer for every morning!  How do you need Jesus to save you today?


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