She didn’t want to be there.  But there she was with her young teen son who was having blood sugar imbalance.  They had traveled to Toronto on the way to see family.  In the airport, her son’s blood sugar level went a little haywire.  Before getting on her next flight, she asked a counter worker if there was some medical personnel on duty that could look at her son and make sure he should get on the plane.  They immediately called paramedics who looked him over and took him away to the nearest emergency room.  It wasn’t that he was really feeling that poorly, but they weren’t taking chances.

So, there they were.  Mom and son in an emergency room in another country, away from all family and friends.  Not only that, but the emergency room seemed like an episode of the old show, ER.  It was an overcrowded, frenzied atmosphere.  People were rushing here and there.  One man, clearly under the influence of some substance was walking back and forth, vomiting and moaning.  There was the man who was yelling obscenities who was being watched over by 3 or 4 policemen.  Staff was stressed, people were frustrated and angry.  It was hardly a place for healing for this young teen and his Mom who were hoping to see their family.

In an effort to keep their sanity, Mom suggested the two of them sing some songs they knew.  He agreed.  It started with some fun children’s songs they could quietly enjoy together.  After a few, it their singing moved into some worship songs about God’s love, His grace and His goodness.  They were quietly worshiping in the corner of that chaotic place.  And then they realized something.

The room was in a hush.  Everyone seemed to be quietly straining to hear those two voices and experience whatever was happening in that impromptu worship service.  The man quit his vomiting.  The cursing one sat still and quiet.  The staff was quietly going about their work of treating.  As Mom looked around, she caught the eyes of a big security guard across the room, near the door.  He gave half a grin, a wink and a nod of approval and appreciation.  He knew what had happened.  The place of pandemonium became a place of peace!

In an effort to experience the peace they needed from the hand of God, they brought peace to a place that knew no peace.  With all the chaos our country and world is in, those of us who know the peace of Christ, have something to offer.  But we can’t give it, if we participate in the chaos.

  1. Our peace comes from centering ourselves in a life of worshiping the God who loves us.
  2. The peace we have is not just for us.
  3. We can’t give peace through demanding, arguing, or even convincing.
  4. Peace is experienced through people of peace.

Where is your “unwanted emergency room of chaos”?  Will you endure it?  Or will you be a giver of God’s peace to people in turmoil?

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.”  Matthew 5:9

P.S.  This is a true story, told to me by a friend about his wife and son’s personal experience.  The facts were shared as I remembered them.