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Here are several quotes from a book I’ve written called, “Transformed Pain – How God Makes It Good.”  This is a book I’ve been working on for quite a while.  It flows from my experience and study of pain and suffering.

Here’s the deal.  If after reading this, you’d like to read more, I have a deal for you. I will send the first 20 people a free pdf copy of my book, if you will agree to write a review on Amazon.com when the book becomes available.

“The problem of pain is real and while pain hurts everyone, we experience it differently.  CS Lewis pointed out in his book The Problem of Pain, pain is only truly felt by the one on whom it is inflicted.  I can care, I can be compassionate, I can even work to alleviate pain.   I cannot feel the pain of another.  Our pain is our pain.” p. 18

“I am convinced that freedom and joy in suffering come not only when we thank God for the good results of our suffering, but also when we thank Him for our suffering itself.  I believe I can do that most fully, if I accept this suffering as an aspect of my life that has been chosen by Him and is good itself.” p.41

“So, what did God do with our suffering?  He noticed it and entered it so the work of redemption could continue until the hope of the final restoration is experienced at Christ’s return.  He continues to invite us to join Him in the work of redemption through our suffering.” p.67

“The Word of God also confirms that He is the great Redeemer.  As I’ve mentioned before, He takes the evil of the world, the greatest being the cross of Christ, and transforms it into an instrument of life.  By His grace, He transforms night into morning, sorrow into joy and despair into hope. Redemption is His mission and humanity is the object of that mission.  By faith, my life is part of that work.” p.95

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