As a pastor, I spend much of my time thinking, praying and studying about what will work. What I mean is, how can we as the Body of Christ really make a difference? I read about strategies and programs that promise to “grow the church” and “make an impact” in the world for Christ.

And then I hear so many believers complain about what is happening to our country and our culture. We see change after change and they all seem to be headed in what we might think is “the wrong direction.” What will we do? How do we organize and get our message out? What organization will we join?

Maybe, I’m a bit simplistic in my approach. But I think we need more Christians living more Christianly. If we took all our energy and spent it in that direction, what might be the result?

First, to make more Christians simply means that we do all we can to invite and call people to a relationship with Jesus Christ. We live in their midst. We tell people about Jesus and His claims. We raise our children to love and follow Christ. Secondly, we need Christians to live more Christianly. Living out the truth of the faith changes us. And changed people change their world. Changed people brought religious liberty to North America. Changed people brought the end of slavery in Europe. Changed people brought about the creation of many hospitals and universities and worldwide charitable organizations. And guess what… Changed people will most definitely bring about an increase of Christians, as others are drawn to the life-changing claims of Christ.

I think, if we focused on these two things: making more Christians and living more Christianly, the church again, would impact households, neighborhoods, regions and nations.

How are you sharing in this process? What do you think gets in the way?