Almost two weeks ago, I had a rough day. I hadn’t slept well the night before. I spent it on the couch in the living room, not in trouble with my wife, but just a busy mind. Then I got to the office and had a hard conversation about life and ministry. I called and shared that with my wife and she sent me the best email ever! She said she loved me and that she hoped my day would get better.

From all outward appearances, it didn’t get better. After an appointment in downtown Chicago, I was driving on the expressway back to my suburban enclave. The cars in front of me came to an abrupt stop, forcing me to stop quickly. I got stopped within inches of the poor soul in front of me. But then, as time slowed to a crawl, the truck behind me came barreling in. “Freightliner” the name badge read. The grill got bigger and bigger in my rear view mirror. And wow! A hard hit!

I climbed out of the Jeep, on the passenger side, holding my bleeding scalp, pretty sure that this isn’t what my wife was hoping for. But let me tell you how her prayer really came true!

An IDOT road crew was first on the scene, getting the wreckage off the roadway. Then the firefighters showed up. An ambulance crew, a guy named David rode with me to the hospital. And at Cook County hospital the doctors handled me with grace.

In just a few hours, I was bandaged and stapled, headed home with my loving wife, who wished me the best. Then there were the friends. God spoke through many of the people in my life in words like, “I’m sure glad you’re not dead!” 🙂 The best came as I saw God unfold his protection, his providential care, his compassion and his wisdom. I saw His control. I saw Him that day and since.

In everyday life, we just don’t see enough of God! It isn’t that He is missing. It is that we aren’t looking. We don’t perceive all He does to make each day ordinary. It takes the extraordinary, the disorienting, the life shake-ups, to help us see Him right where He’s always been.

In everyday life, we just don’t see enough of God. So sometimes… just sometimes… He has to change life up, just so we can see His work in our lives and trust in His purposes! Whatever you’re going through… if it seems out of the ordinary… maybe it is a window into the love and grace of God.

Thank you Lord for taking the time to help me see!