Ambition, dreams, pursuits, accomplishments… these are what dreams are made of. But what should our relationship with our dreams be? How do we handle it when dreams seem to slip away? What if they don’t end up looking like we want?

In Daniel 2, God gave King Nebuchadnezzar a dream. It was a dream of a statue. Daniel told him the meaning. It was a dream about God’s plans and Nebuchadnezzar’s place in that plan. But in Daniel 3, something very interesting happens.  Nebuchadnezzar erects a huge idol, a statue! Now, I don’t think this is a coincidence that he dreams about a statue in chapter 2 and in chapter 3, he builds one. But then he goes to the next step and he wants everyone to worship the idol.

This hit me a few days ago… this is what we do! This is what I’ve done. God has given me “dreams.”  Okay, not literal-this-is-what’s-going-to-happen dreams, but goals, hopes, aspirations and desires. And then I (maybe we?) make a fatal error. I worship the dream instead of the dream-Giver.

These dreams can be a lifestyle, a job, physical health, obedient and submissive children, a perfect spouse, a house that is always clean and in good-repair, relationships without conflict…. Some of these are good dreams, they even seem to be what God wants. But if we worship the dream instead of the dream-giver, we are crushed when the dreams don’t happen our way, or we get mad when others refuse to worship our dreams too!

If we worship the dream, we are worshiping an idol. It becomes a god of our making. Whatever our dreams are, we have to submit them to the One who is worthy of our worship. When we submit to Him, we will find the freedom to let Him bring His dreams about in His way. And we will find great joy in living daily in His will.

Is there a dream you’re worshiping? One test may be, how angry or hurt are you right now because God isn’t turning your dream into reality? If God has given you hopes and dreams, enjoy them, live toward them, seek to understand them – – but don’t worship them – – because they belong to Him!

Please share with me: How do you handle dreams that don’t come true? How can you keep your dreams aligned with God’s will? When are you most tempted to exalt your dreams – when they seem to be coming true, or when they seem far away?