“The basic unit of society must be the family. If the family is atomized into smaller units, “individual rights” take precedence over the needs of the family. But those individuals will regroup into other interest groups, according to race or class or sex, and the rights of those groups tend to undermine the family.”

This fear of GK Chesterton, expressed in the early 1900’s, has come to fruition. We now have a community that is fractured. Special interest groups rule. Our political stalemate is an expression of this. Instead of individuals serving the need of family, we are demanding that family serves the wants and whims of the individual. And the family is being splintered, reshaped and remolded to fit individual desires. In the end, I am convinced we will see more volatility and instability in individuals, families and in the world.

The story of God starts with the story of family. Ever since then, humanity – even those in the faith – have let the prevailing culture rule in the home.

At this point, our culture is shifting yet again. And the church will not be able to count on culture to teach, disciple and raise up families that will live counter-culturally and Christianly.

What do you think are some of the challenges that the church will face in the years ahead? What will the church need to do to establish homes that live Christianly? How will we be able to communicate the message redemption to those who are part of secular homes?