This picture is my little trick for drinking coffee quicker. After trying to suck my latte out of the cup one morning, I realized that the little “breather” hole was blocked by a little bit of plastic residue. So, I took the pen that was in my pocket and jammed it in the hole. The next sip was easy as the hot latte poured into my waiting gullet. You see, before the fluid can flow out, air has to flow in!

This made me think about my own spiritual life. Sometimes, trying to get something good out of my life into someone else’s is a chore. How can this become more natural, easier, and more efficient? Well, I have to open my life to let more of God in. When more of God flows into my life, more love, grace, truth, sacrifice and impact flows out!

What can we do to let more of God into our lives?
1. Converse with God. We need to have conversations with God. I know, it’s called prayer. But prayer sounds difficult. Conversations are easy. Let Him hear your voice, and let His voice into your thoughts.

2. Read, or Listen to the Word. God primarily speaks to us through His Word. When you read, think, ask, discuss and wrestle with what it means to the plan of God in your life and in the world. This sounds complicated, it’s really not. All kinds of tools and resources make it doable.

3. Spend time in community with others who have a lot of God in their life. Notice, I didn’t say “Christians.” Not every Christian will help you connect with more of God. How can you find them? You can find them because you will find love, grace, truth, sacrifice and impact flowing from them.

4. Ask God for opportunities to pour out what He has poured into you. Simply ask Him, “what next?” If you are humble, willing and listening, He will show you where your impact will be best.

Like all of life, this is a process. But it can begin today. I hope you take some time today to let God in. When you do, more of what He gives will flow out to the world around you. And that’s comforting, refreshing and empowering.

How do you let more of God in your life?