Prayer is one of the greatest blessings.  Yet most of us believe we are missing something in our prayer.  Prayer, at its core, is a conversation with God.

The following links are videos that we developed to use with leaders.  Our goal is to see believers step into a conversation with God that is increasingly rich.  Please feel free to use them with small groups, or leader boards.  I pray they will be of encouragement and spur you toward the Lord in prayer.

Prayer and Mission Pt. 1
Prayer and Mission Pt. 2
Prayer and Mission Pt. 3
Prayer and Mission Pt. 4

You can download a handout here…prayer-and-mission-video-hdt

They include Pastor Kent Carlson who is now VP of Leader Formation at the North American Baptist Conference, and Dr. Paul Covert who is Pastor of Prayer at Central Christian Church, Mesa, AZ.

Special thanks to Kent Carlson and Paul Covert for their invaluable service and commitment to a life and ministry of prayer.